Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hard Lessons

I saw The Hard Lessons last night @ Windows off The Cumberland in Nashville. wow. I was blown away. I've been a fan of the band for a while now after hearing them on The Plan Nine Rock Show. Seeing them live has now made me a super fan. If all local shows were like this..I'd go see them all the time.

Augie, The Guitar player/vocalist, is a badass ninja on stage. His playing is extraordinary. He really carries his guitar on stage like a weapon. At the end of the set he was doing things with his guitar that had the crowd in shock. He climbed on top of his amp and really put on a show.

Ko Ko, Organist/Vocalist is amazing as well. When she was singing it sounded like the voice of God on stage. I just can't get over how well her vocals were in such a small venue. I was thinking to myself at one point, if this chick went on American Idol, she'd win..straight up. Best live vocals I've ever heard.

The two together have this insane chemistry on stage. Best show I've seen so far this year. They ended the show with Hey, Hey, My, My (a Neil Young cover) and it was mind blowing!!!! If these guys come to your town make sure to go and see them. Get the word out. So i've included a video of Hey, Hey, My, My...check it out!

The Hard Lessons

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