Monday, April 6, 2009

Jason and The Punknecks

So I saw an awesome band on April 4th 2009 @ Loudhouse Coffee in Greenbrier,TN. The band is a husband and wife duo called Jason and The Punknecks. My band was playing that night and they played after us. I had heard about them through an email from another artist in Nashville and thought the idea of the band seemed like a good idea. Punkneck.. punk meets redneck, very interesting.

They played and it was amazing. Jason, is a charismatic individual. He looks like a guy that might stab you in a dark alley but when you meet him, he's just the opposite. Friendly, engaging, and down to earth. He would tell a story before a number of songs, and each story was captivating. He played the mandolin like a man possessed and had the perfect raw voice for country punk. His wife Polly was also a wonder on stage. She reminds me of Patricia Arquette in True Romance. She's a beautiful woman with a country voice that reminds me of Maria McKee at times. The two have an amazing Chemistry on stage and were a joy to watch.

Definitely go check these guys out at their myspace page where you can listen to some tracks and buy them on itunes. I've been listening to their album, Love Us or Hate Us: Hillbilly Rock n Roll on repeat since they gave it to me.

Below I've included a video clip of them peforming when I saw them.

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